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Validating noise maps

Noise maps, calculated using standardized source and propagation models are today commonly used to guide environmental noise policy. This approach has its shortcomings. Hence there is an interest in urban noise monitoring. more ...


City employees monitor air quality during their normal working routine

Cities have a lot of assets to attract young and active citizens, i.e. young families with children. However, these people are often concerned by the quality of the urban air. Air quality is therefore a major concern for city authorities.

IDEA has developed a platform that allows cities to collect detailed air quality data taking advantage of the fact that some of their employees carry out a large part of their daily work while moving on foot or on a bicycle in the outdoor urban environment.more ...


Evaluating air quality and noise along soft routes

Public health is well served by promoting walking and cycling. However, distressing messages about poor air quality along cycling and walking roots may hinder the public for making the decision to be physically active during commuting or recreation. Moreover it is more pleasant to walk or cycle along tranquil routes. IDEA promotes participatory sensing to explore tranquil and healthy routes. more ...


IDEA nodes for monitoring loud music

Exposure to high noise levels is recognised as a serious health treat. Hearing damage acquired during music concerts are recently gaining more attention in this respect. Exposure is usually shorter but levels are high. In Flanders (Belgium) a new regulation on noise exposure during music events is under trial and will become fully effective Jan 1st 2013.  more ...


Noise monitoring high speed trains

Citizens often question whether noise levels in their neighborhood meet guidelines and regulation imposed or suggested by health organisations and governments.  Several local action commitees form the living proof of this. Often these groups do not have the financial means to order official noise monitoring to support their complaints. more ...


Cyclists look for clean and tranquil path on major commuting routes

Many cyclists use the same path every morning and evening to commute from home to work. They are interested in the quality of the air they breathe. The IDEA project provides them with the equipment, the know-how and the software to map the quality of the air  and the soundscape on their route as well as on alternative routes they might try out.  more ...


Citizens concerned about their living environment act

Many citizens show a strong concern about the quality of their living environment. Planned or discussed changes in for example traffic, often trigger more interest in air quality and noise. The concerned citizens want to validate the information given to them by the government. Monitoring the current situation is a good way to get in touch with the numbers and maps that are sometimes hard to interprete. more ...





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