Auditory stream segregation

updated 9/11/2012

The technology used by IDEA for seggregation the complex sound environment into sounds and ultimately sound identification was presented at the IEEE world conference on computational Intelligence (WCCI) in Brisbane.

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Mobile UFP and PM10 measurements

updated 19/4/2012

Mobile platforms are increasingly used to acquire air quality data at a high spatial and temporal resolution in a complex urban environment. Mobile measurements provide a solution for shortü-term studies to acquire a spatially spread data set that would not be feasible by stationary measurements.


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Correlation analysis of noise and ultrafine particle counts in a street canyon

updated 16/5/2011

A. Can, M. Rademaker, T. Van Renterghem, V. Mishra, M. Van Poppel, A. Touhafi, J. Theunis, B. De Baets, D. Botteldooren

Science of The Total Environment, Volume 409, Issue 3, 1 January 2011, Pages 564-572

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On the ability of consumer electronics microphones for environmental noise monitoring

updated 16/5/2011

Timothy Van Renterghem, Pieter Thomas, Frederico Dominguez, Samuel Dauwe, Abdellah Touhafi, Bart Dhoedt and Dick Botteldooren, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2011, 13, 544-552.

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