IDEA shows results in Gent

Placed 28/11/2012

On November 26th the IDEA team presented their results to an attentive audience of scientists, city and government representatives, concernd citizens, ... in Het Pand in Gent. 

Pictures of the event can be found at

Final event

Placed 25/10/2012

Final event: Monday November 26th 2012, Het Pand, Gent, Belgium

13:30   Introduction IDEA project and  IWT-SBO framework

  Dick Botteldooren - UGent

13:40  High resolution monitoring

  Timothy Van Renterghem - UGent

  Jan Theunis - VITO

14:00  Intelligent data mining

  Bernard De Baets - UGent

  Dick Botteldooren - UGent

14:15  Controlling large data volumes   and offering services

  Abdellah Touhafi - EHB

  Bart Dhoedt - UGent

14:30 to 16:00 Posters and demos on the following topics

  • selection of alternative microphone and measurement system
  • development of cheap gas sensors (CO)
  • measurement quality assessment including self calibrating microphone
  • OGC-SOS compatible database structures for handling huge amounts of data
  • plug and measure demonstration, experience with participatory sensing
  • life tracing of mobile black carbon (BC) measurements, life demonstration
  • proxy measurements for particles (UFP, BC): gas sensors and noise
  • spatial interpolation strategies for sparse measurements including land use, proxies and mobile measurements e.g. based on trained systems
  • strategies and application of mobile measurements of black carbon (BC)
  • agent based continuous and autonomous data analysis (basic and advanced noise indicators)
  • services offered and strategy for third party development based on IDEA data
  • automatic acoustic summary
  • sound recognition and labeling including the gaming strategy for labeling prototypes
  • sound event identification by combining data from different location
  • extracting traffic information from sound
  • validating and improving noise maps on the basis of long term observations
  • new monitoring opportunities offered by IDEA: quiet areas, wind turbine, music, building site, truck delivery, …

15:00   Breakout: valorization of IDEA

  Zane Smilga- VERHAERT

  Wouter Haerick- UGent

16:00  Case studies - testimonies

16:30  IDEA in European perspective

  Henk Wolfert - Eurocities

17:00  Drink

IDEA intelligence shown at WCCI 2010 Barcelona

Placed 13/7/2010

IDEA proposes a unique combination of self organising maps (SOM) to analyse sound features and oscillating neural networks (LEGION) to analyse environmental sound. This combination will eventually allow to identify outliers and summarize typical sounds for each microphone in the network.

This work is presented at the World Congres on Computational Intelligence in Barcelone on Friday July 23th.

Context dependent Environmental Sound Monitoring using SOM coupled with LEGION [#271].
Damiano Oldoni, Bert De Coensel, Michael Rademaker, Bernard De Baets and Dick Botteldooren




Prof. Dr. Ir. Dick Botteldooren
+32 (0) 9 264 99 68

Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 126, 9052 Gent



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