IDEA uses crowdsourcing to identify sounds. A game is developed that allows you to help us improving our sound recognition software and have fun at the same time. Go to and enjoy!

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Make your home a noise observatory

IDEA stimulates participatory sensing. You can get one of our IDEA nodes at your home: simply attach it to your façade, connect to power and internet and noise levels will stream to our servers. Read more about it by clicking here.


Mobile air pollution and noise monitoring at your event

For mobile air pollution and noise measurement, IDEA has produced a sensorbox methodology both for online and offline use. These boxes can be deployed to support your projects and events. Interested? Contact us and we will try to create a win-win situation.


Professional interest

If you have a professional interest in IDEA, want to set up a measurement network or do some data mining on the Gigabytes of data already collected, please contact us at the





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